Hey I’m Mellette!

It’s pronounced like Gillet the razor but with an M.

I live with my head in the clouds, so you can catch me vibing on Cloud 9. Come join in on the fun, however you have to be cool with the following:
  • Finds all white creamy sauces revolting but loves queso.
  • Has played eight different sports.
  • Posts OOTDs knowing it’ll only get 30 likes, but who cares I know my outfit slayed.
  • An artist and photographer.
  • Is a beach rat at heart but ready for her city girl era.

Ask Me About:
  • The long list of foods I refuse to eat.
  • My high school job where I parasailed and was asked to hold fake hair on a weekly basis.
  • The go to places for all things fashion.
  • Getting pushed into a man of war(a really big jelly fish) by my sister (don’t worry it was on accident, not the pushing part though.)

Watch me slay



Here’s a little POV through my lens.